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Are you a doctor or a healthcare professional exploring the possibilities of providing online consultation services through a dedicated mobile app? 

Our team of experienced mobile app developers brought you the best online doctor consultation app for providing healthcare and checkups. Our online health app developers used a mix of cutting-edge technology and domain expertise to create the perfect application for you and your patients via our Online Consultation app.

Why Invest In Online Consultation Apps?

The unprecedented times provide a challenge to survive and build for the future. Futurionic has provided industry-leading solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs for the past eleven years.

We built an advanced online consultation solution that allows you to:


Streamline Your Business Operations

Efficiently monitor and manage your operations and resources to increase the productivity and capacity of your medical staff and organization.


Offer Virtual Consultation To Your Customers

Give your doctors and patients the ease to connect virtually from the comfort of their homes and save on both time and money.


Reduce The Geographical Boundaries

Enable your staff to give medical services to anyone around the globe without any extra expenditure. Also, give your patients an enhanced service by saving them the trouble of visits when not necessary.


Prepare Your Business For The New Normal

Digital is the new normal, and you won’t want to miss out on why patients are preferring online consultation. So, be a part of the future of medical services and get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

How Your Online Consultation App Works?

Choose a Specialist

Choose a specialist depending on your medical condition. If you're unsure, you may consult a general physician who can help you through your health condition.

Book your Appointment

Based on your preferences. Years of experience, qualifications, communication language, hospitals worked in, and practice locations are just a few characteristics to consider.

Talk to a Doctor

Consult a doctor online through chat, voice call, or video call to discuss your medical issues. In addition to medical advice, the doctor will provide lifestyle ideas for your illness, as well as a prescription.

Benefits of Online Consultation App


Advance Appointment Booking & Management

Customers can search and filter before booking an appointment as per their needs and availability. Doctors can monitor their schedules, manage bookings, manually add appointments, and set reminders.


Seamless & Secure 1:1 Communication

Users can communicate with their doctors for their queries & doubts in real-time. Doctors get an opportunity to keep their users engaged & answer their queries from the app itself.


Instant Online Payments & Tracking

Allow your users to pay their consultation fees online using various payment methods. Let doctors set consultation fees & track daily transactions and revenues collected over a while.


Real-Time Appointment Notification & Alerts

Send automatic appointment/session reminders and other alerts to keep your users informed. Doctors may use the app to see who is seeking an appointment and respond in real-time.

Advance Technology Suite for Your Online Consultation App

Have comprehensive online consultation tech solutions that allow you to provide your consumers with high-quality virtual assistance

Why Choose Our Online Consultation Solution?

Our advanced platform has several key advantages that make it suited for diversified client needs.

Fully Customized Solution

Robust & Scalable

Secure & Tested

Outstanding UI/UX

Start running in No-Time

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And That's Not All!

You Get More Exciting Features With Online Consultation App To Outshine Your Competition

Track History

Provides a specific section for your users to keep track of all their previous appointments, reports, prescriptions, and transactions.

Expert Listing & Profiles

On your app, create a list of various consultants with pertinent information, such as qualifications, credentials, and reviews.

Share Availability

Facilitate your doctors to set their availability and time slots as per their convenience

Upload Documents

Allow doctors to upload & share documents like notes, prescriptions, diet charts, etc., with their users.

Advanced Business Analytics

Provide your doctors with complete reports & insights of consultation in one place.

Multiple Integrations

Empower your consultation app with seamless integrations to offer the best experience to your customers

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