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Our Key Features

We are among the top ERP service suppliers in India and help our customers in achieving quick success while also addressing their long-term objectives with our custom ERP solutions. We create ERP software solutions to improve services and increase the efficiency of processes.

Our feature-rich solution brings digital transformation to your enterprise processes. Here are some of the key features of our ProcessERP Solution.

Purchase Order

Seamlessly raise request from every user system which can be audited and approved by HQ.

Indent Request

Raise indent requests from shop systems to warehouses for getting the products with full details of pricing, delivery terms, packing and marking details, quantity, etc. and sync all details and updates with the HQ and user system for approval and inventory updates.

Inventory Management

This feature allows users of all kinds and sizes to efficiently manage levels of inventory and keep track of the products. Inventory Management can monitor the continual movement of units from and into an inventory.


All users have their own reports as they are maintaining the records of different kinds for example:
i) Daily Sales
ii) Stock verification
iii) Daily Currency Report
iv) Stock verification, etc.

Multiple Currency Support

You can choose from multiple currencies as your default and different ones according to the transaction.

Sales and Deposit

Only shops can sell and cashbook is required before starting the sale. As additional functionality shops are required to deposit the amount into the bank on the same day they opened the cash book.

Headquarter(HQ) system

HQ has access to all shops and warehouses, reports, Indent Requests, all links which are available. HQ can add items, currency, promotions, categories, cities, new shops, new warehouse, product types, suppliers etc. and can assign the users to the shops, warehouses.

Point of Sale Management

It allows shops and distributors to track transactions at POS, while also keeping an audit trail for preparing accounts and financial reports.

Operation And Distribution

This powerful feature handles every aspect of distribution its operations, while also managing all processes efficiently and monitoring various activities.

Why Process ERP?

Businesses face numerous challenges in various business verticals while handling both internal and external operations. A multi-capability ERP system can conquer these with ease. Some of such challenges are discussed below.

Multi Store Support

Operating different accounts and billing systems for each store's sale management makes it inefficient to integrate it with sales data in a timely manner. Process ERP can organize your system for every store and its processes seamlessly such that they can perform efficiently.

Easy Promotions

It is difficult to manage separate promotions for each shop manually. Our Process ERP solution allows your shop to run multiple promotions on different items according to the shop. Also, HQ has the power to assign promotions to specific shops according to their needs.

Customer Experience

Customer loyalty takes a hit due to various reasons such as incorrect or slow billing services, unprofessional service, obsolete inventory, etc. Our Process ERP solution can help you avoid all of these and give your customers an enhanced customer experience.

Easy Subscription & Customisation

We along with our team of Development Partners provide customisable solutions to fulfil your unique Business needs so that you can have more edge over your competitors. After the easy setup, you get per user license starting from just Rs 35,000 per year/user.

Host on premise or can use any of the below-listed Cloud providers:

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