Why choose .NET for your Enterprise Application?

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Enterprise application is quickly becoming one of the most important and notable aspects of the web application environment. It is quickly growing to fulfil a huge amount of requirements of enterprises. The best benefit of an enterprise is that it can facilitate a combination of both cross-platform and open-source features to users and admins. It can also help in developing modern, AI, and cloud-based applications.

.NET is configured and developed especially for enterprise application development with everything you’d need runtime components, with its APIs, languages, compilers, etc. Other than that it is cross-platform which means you can operate .NET in Windows, Linux and macOS with both .NET Framework and .NET Core. .NET Core is the biggest revelation in the .NET environment as it came with the support of .NET applications including JIT and other models that can run on desktop, web and mobile smoothly.

Other than its versatility, there are four primary reasons why companies are fast adapting to .NET enterprise application development. These are:

  1. .NET makes enterprise application development easy like never before

  2. It provides analytics and bug reports with which you can continuously improve the app and the user experience ultimately.

  3. It allows an offsite workforce which with the rapid adaption of modern smart devices is changing the corporate work environment as a whole.

  4. Its development enhances productivity, capacity, and efficiency.

It is anyway undoubtable now that enterprise applications have been a significant part of the business system. Employees are dependent on technology now more than ever for higher operational efficiency and productivity. .NET has been proving to be one of the best solutions for enterprise application development as it improves productivity by leveraging big data and aiding in optimizing the performance of business processes.

Why choose .NET for your enterprise application?

Here are the most eminent reasons why businesses choose .NET for their enterprise application development:

  1. Open-source and cross-platform

Some of the best abilities of .NET are to be an open-source and cross-platform development environment. The .NET development platform offers a broad spectrum of experimentation and can help bring any idea to life. You can develop web to mobile applications with .NET and it allows developers to build web applications and services along with microservices and native apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

  1. Numerous components of enterprise application development

.NET has a continuously growing .NET environment that is able to facilitate app development with numerous components like user interface(UI), .NET languages, .NET framework and .NET VisualStudio. 

By leveraging these tools, .NET development can offer a number of options to choose from, for example, .NET developers can choose from various programming languages like C++, C#, JavaScript and Visual Basic. Even VisualStudio also supports different languages, therefore, different types of data between languages do not create any issue. This gives developers to write their enterprise applications in multiple languages.

  1. Scalability

Due to its seamless and easy scalability feature also, .NET is gaining popularity in enterprise application development. To grow any business scalability is a crucial characteristic, and .NET allows that easily. It can also support the extra load when a business grows without any notable changes

.NET applications are extremely attractive to modern enterprise application development organizations because of their scalability feature. For growing businesses, scalability is quintessential, and .NET easily caters to this. It also supports the extra load when enterprises grow without any significant changes made to the existing application.

  1. Security

Various components of .NET allow developers to write secure code for your application. It also empowers admins to customize permissions for easing access and authority. Some key constituents for security in .NET are windows identity foundation, cryptography model, and role-based security.

  1. Compatibility

As we have stated before, .NET is especially popular for its cross-platform capabilities. Using this, .NET developers can build applications that can provide a user experience on desktops, tablets and mobile phones seamlessly. And not just this, developers can also use these components again and integrate them with the existing systems.

  1. Javascript support

.NET Core, which is the latest framework, offers built-in templates for two popular frameworks of JavaScript – React and Angular. These services in .NET give developers the infrastructure to build client-side applications using JavaScript. On top of that, JavaScript also aims to exclude underlying efforts, enabling developers to code applications faster. This in turn allows developers to build a feature-rich front-end application for the web.

  1. Maintenance

The maintenance aspect of .NET is comparatively easy than the other development tools available in the market. Also, as .NET is based on object-oriented programming(OOP), there’s no need for extensive coding. The two most popular reasons for its easy maintenance are:

  • Easily customizable configuration settings

  • Various built-in checks for ensuring the proper functioning of the software.


According to various reports, over $250 billion is spent on IT application development that is on around 175000 projects in the USA alone! Research also states that out of all those projects about 31% fails and 52% of projects cost more than 130% of the original cost estimates. This is because of improper and inefficient project management and development at the various stages of application development. Our dedicated .NET developers can help you prevent this risk of project failure and utilize the benefits of .NET to their fullest.

Thus, it is crucial to hire dedicated .NET developers to prevent the risk of project failure and to utilize the benefits of .NET to their fullest.

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